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COVID-19 Update: 02/09/2021

Extended Lockdown (02/09/21 - 23/09/21)


As of Monday, September 6th, 2021, Gravity Osteopathy will reopen to support patients suffering from acute injuries and/or are in need of urgent and essential clinical care. However, we are NOT permitted to provide Routine or Maintenance care.

Acute injuries include the sudden onset of muscle and/or joint pain with or without a known mechanism of injury. 


To determine your eligibility for face to face care, you will be asked the following questions:

  • Do you, the patient, consider your appointment to be urgent, or essential? 

  • Is your condition preventing you from performing essential activities of daily living, such as caring for yourself or family members OR reducing function in your essential work? (Eg. would you need additional support or alternative accommodation if you did not receive treatment during this time?)

  • If an osteopathic appointment was not available, do you feel your pain could escalate, resulting in the potential need for either GP intervention or Emergency department presentation?

  • Is your emotional and/or mental health at risk?

  • Will delayed osteopathic treatment cause long-term adverse consequences? 


Online Bookings are open and available for those people that need essential clinical care. Once an online booking is made, Dr Andray (Osteo) will call you to document your need for clinical care.


If you are unsure and would like more information, call 0493 031 231 or send an email to


We are taking the following measures to ensure the safety of all staff and patients:

  • All staff members are to wear surgical masks while working indoors

  • All surfaces are regularly cleaned using a specifically formulated hospital-grade disinfectant 

  • Ample amounts hand sanitiser is provided throughout the clinic

  • We have minimised the use of linen in the clinic

  • All linen, including towels, is single-use only

  • Treatment tables are covered with a waterproof lining, which can be thoroughly disinfected after each patient

  • If you cannot, or choose not to attend the clinic, we can offer you osteopathic treatment via Telehealth (online consultation)

Here’s how you can help:

  • Do not attend the clinic if you are unwell

  • Get tested and stay home until you have received a negative result

  • Complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire attached to your appointment reminder email

  • Social distance where possible

  • Use hand sanitiser upon arrival

  • Follow any extra guidance from your osteopath or our reception staff

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