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A Strong Rotator Cuff is Essential for Golfers Elbow

Crossfitters and gym goers frequently suffer from medial epicondylitis, sometimes known as golfers elbow, which is brought on by overuse of the forearm and elbow muscles. Gripping barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells may be impacted by the soreness and tenderness on the inside of the elbow. But did you know that a missing link in the treatment of golfer's elbow is often shoulder/rotator cuff strength?

What is the Rotator Cuff and what function does it have in golfers elbow?

Four muscles and tendons make up the rotator cuff, which surrounds the shoulder joint. In addition to supporting and stabilising the shoulder, these muscles are crucial for the rotational movements of the arm.

Lifters who have strong rotator cuffs are more likely to train effectively and experience fewer elbow injuries.

Why Golfers Elbow Occurs

Golfers' elbow is brought on by excessive forearm and elbow use, especially during barbell cycling and high-rep WODs. This injury can also be caused by poor technique, such as failing to use a hook grip when performing certain lifts.

Lifters who have weak rotator cuff muscles are also more likely to develop golfers elbow than others. This may be due to the additional strain on the elbow due to insufficient external rotation of the arm.

Golfers Elbow Signs and Symptoms

The degree of the damage can affect the golfers elbow symptoms. Typical signs include:

  • Inside of the elbow ache and tenderness

  • weakness in the wrist and forearm

  • Inflexibility in the elbow

  • Arm's reduced range of motion

You should seek professional advice as soon as you can if you encounter any of these symptoms.

How to Make the Rotator Cuff Stronger

Numerous exercises can strengthen the rotator cuff and lessen the chance of developing golfers elbow. The following are some of the best exercises:

  • The Lock 3 shoulder exercises

  • Side-lying dumbell arm external rotation

  • Banded overhead press with an external rotation force


Golfers elbow is a painful and disabling condition that can be avoided with the right conditioning and training. A strong rotator cuff is essential to prevent golfers elbow, and incorporating rotator cuff strengthening exercises into your routine can help reduce the risk of this injury.

See an osteopath or physiotherapist if you are showing signs of golfer's elbow. You may resume doing the things you love with the right care and recovery.


Golfers' elbow is what?

Crossfiters and lifters frequently suffer from golfers elbow, an injury brought on by overuse of the forearm and elbow muscles.

What exactly is a rotator cuff?

Four muscles and tendons make up the rotator cuff, which surrounds the shoulder joint.

Why does golfers' elbow occur?

Golfers elbow is caused by repeated stress and overuse of the elbow and forearm muscles, and it can also be caused by improper technique.

What next?

If you need help with the treatment and management of your golfers elbow symptoms feel free to get in contact with your local narre warren osteopath by clicking this link. You can also email us directly at or give us a call on 0493 031 231

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