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That's what She S.A.I.D.

Your body hates change

It’s always finding shortcuts for energy efficiency

Take for example that soreness you get after going back to the gym after a break, when you increase your lifting load, add in new exercises or do more than your usually would

We call that soreness DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Tightness and joint restrictions can be similar too

This is the S.A.I.D. principle


Adaptations to



In other words, your body will adapt to the activities you do most

One of the most common adaptations that I see in the clinic is tightness in the chest

Think about how much time you spend with your arms out in front of you

- at the computer

- driving

- picking up kids

- cleaning

In some people this may contribute to some of the shoulder restriction limiting your overhead mobility

So, for most of us, it’s worth spending a little time each day working on the tension built up in the chest area

Dr Dray

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