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The between glute strength and lower back pain

Your glutes are the powerhouse of your lower body and when they're weak, it can lead to a host of problems, including lower back pain. Think of your glutes as the engine of a car. When the engine is weak, the whole car struggles to do its job. In the same way, if your glutes are weak, your lower back has to work harder to make up for the lack of strength, which can cause pain and injury. Not only that, but think of your glutes as a part of your core. Having stronger glutes may also carry over into stronger core stability.

But it's not enough to just have strong glutes; your hips also need to be flexible. If a door hinge is rusty and stiff, it won't open as easily. In the same way, if your hips don't have enough range of motion, it will be harder for your body to move and do things. Researchers have found that people with lower back pain often have reduced extension range of motion in their hips (Hides et al., 1996; Lund et al., 2011). By working on both the strength of your glutes and the range of motion in your hips, you can reduce lower back pain and improve how well your body works in general.

In short, if you have lower back pain, you need to work on your glute strength and your hip extension range of motion. By working on these areas, you can reduce lower back pain and make your body work better as a whole. Your body needs strong glutes and a good range of motion in your hips to work well, just like a car needs a strong engine and working pistons to work well.

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