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Your Spine Is Strong

Always remember...

No matter what you've been told

No matter what previous scans have said

No matter how it may feel

Your spine is strong, mobile, and resilient

Nothing upsets me more than when someone tells me

"Oh... I've got a bad back.. It's always been like that.. It runs in my family."

Without a genetic structural anomaly, "bad backs" don't normally "run in the family"

poor movement patterns, on the other hand, may.

One of the most interesting things I've seen in the way Bodhi (my 2-year-old) moves, is that his movements mimic both Sarah's (my wife) and mine.

After all, it's only natural...

As he learns to move and coordinate his body, we are his main reference.

But the good thing is...

If a poor movement pattern has/had led to an injury in the past, it doesn't mean you're stuck with that forever...

Even old dogs can learn new tricks

And just because you've hurt your back in the past, it certainly doesn't mean you'll have a bad back forever

Stay strong. Stay mobile. Stay resilient.

Dr Dray (Osteo)

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