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Struggling With Overhead Mobility?

Are you struggling with overhead positions during a jerk or a squat snatch?

stretch your shoulders all day to no avail?

here are some other areas you may want to consider exploring:

1. Thoracic mobility

The thoracic spine is the middle section of your back that curves forwards. If you are stuck in a curved position and can't reverse that curve, your inherent overhead mobility will be "meh" and you may begin compensation with other areas of the back.

2. Lat tightness

The lats are great at what they do. They internally rotate, adduct and extend the arm. However, what that translates to is, tight lats are no bueno for overhead positions.

the solution?

Dr Joel at @functionlabrx and I have been working on some mobility drills for y'all, which we'll be releasing every couple of days.

Thank you

Dr Dray

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